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Are you a keen football writer looking to get your work published on the big, bad internet? If so, we may be able to help.

We do take on new full-time writers from time to time, but we are happy to publish articles from outside contributors whenever.

Writing for COS can also be very beneficial for you. We can help bring attention to any blogs you may well already be involved with. We can do this by adding links back to your blogs within the articles you produce. We can also use our huge social media network to spread the word of your brilliance. Finally your writing will be seen by millions of people and you can therefore enjoy the feedback/abuse you inspire.

Send us an article

If you’d like to send in an article to be posted on our site, please email it to rob@caughtoffside.com – but please note we can not publish any article that is already online elsewhere, including on small blogs.

Send Rob your name (obviously), Twitter handle and blog URL (if you have one).

Beg for a job

We are not strictly hiring right now, but we are happy to review applications just in case one of them blows our socks off.

If you think you are someone we cannot ignore, again, shout at Rob.

As part of your application, please send rob@caughtoffside.com three headlines and three opening sentences (no need to write the whole article, but you must grab his attention!) for stories you think would work well on CaughtOffside, including:

  • One short piece based on a player’s or club’s Instagram post (include link to Instagram post).
  • A transfer-related news article based on a report from another website or newspaper (include link to original report if possible).
  • An original feature article, list or opinion piece.

Writing for us as a job, rather than as a casual contributor, involves producing upwards of three stories per hour. As well as being quick, our writers have to have high standards when it comes to spelling, grammar and general accuracy.

However, being a squeaky-clean typer is not enough. It is equally important that our writers are able to create eye-catching headlines – often by thinking outside of the box and searching inside a story for a better angle.

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