Emile Heskey compares Liverpool star with Bruce Lee – says he has the ‘body of a 23-year-old’

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Former Liverpool strike Emile Heskey has compared one Liverpool player with Bruce Lee.

Speaking to The Mirror, Emile Heskey discussing Mohamed Salah’s fitness compared the Egyptian to Bruce Lee, claiming that the 31-year-old has the body of a 23-year-old.

He said:

“It is tough. They will play a lot of games, they’re young lads anyway barring Salah who is like Bruce Lee anyway. If you did all of the tests you’d probably say he has the body of a 23-year-old anyway. They just have to understand they’re going to play the games.”

There is no question about Salah’s fitness. He is perhaps the most hard working player at the club. He does not drink, he does not smoke. He trains hard and eats healthy.

He is 31 but can easily continue playing at his best for another 3 years at least before we see any sort of dip in his performances.

It is widely been suggested that this may be his last season at Liverpool with Saudi set to make another offer next summer which may just bee too tempting for Liverpool and for the player himself to turn down.