Man United takeover talks take dramatic twist which could turn the tide firmly in Sheikh Jassim’s favour

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It’s already been a saga that’s been ongoing for the best part of seven months, but the Man United takeover talks could soon be at an end after a dramatic intervention would appear to have firmly turned the tide in Sheikh Jassim’s direction.

His bid is known to be for the entirety of the club. Lock, stock and barrel. That differs significantly to Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s bid, in that it’s believed the Ineos chairman has constructed a deal which allows current owners, the Glazer family, to remain as minority shareholders.

Both bids are also expected to not be anywhere close to the fee that the Glazer family would like to achieve and that seems to be the hold up in bringing negotiations to a successful conclusion.

With the summer transfer window due to open in a few days time, it’s imperative that the owners make their decision one way or the other quickly.

The longer they prevaricate, the less time Erik ten Hag will have to acquire the signings he would like for the first team.

As it is, the Dutchman can’t yet be aware of how much money he’ll have to spend this summer because that will surely depend on who is in charge of the club.

That’s a wholly unsatisfactory situation but news that Paris Saint-Germain chairman, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, has been involved with talks on behalf of Sheikh Jassim might also be considered to be beyond the pale.

The Athletic (subscription required) note that Al-Khelaifi has already met with the Glazer family and Raine Group, who are conducting the sale on behalf of the Glazer’s, and his contribution to the talks is said to have been significant.

Time will tell if his involvement will finally get this deal over the line.

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  1. For me it’s is better for the galzer family to leave the club for de new owner to have it since the fans want them out

    1. The Glazers are an insult to any football club..they are just plain bloodsucking vampires..sir.jim Ratcliff should not be the winner as he still want those bloodsucking Americans at United.. hopefully only the Saudis will win it

    2. The Glazers are just pure bloodsucking vampires.should never be allowed close to any football club ever..Ratcliff will mess United up..let’s just hand it to the Saudis..only them will improve us

  2. For me it’s is better for the glazer family to leave the club for de new owner to have it since the fans want them out

    1. The Glazers. Are an insult to United. The bloodsucking vampires should just disappear from the UK..Jim Ratcliff will not improve United only the Saudis can and will surely

  3. Glazeri zeleno izvuci sto vise novcana, nije ih briga kako i gdje ce zavrsiti Man. Una., zato ih treba natjerati da sto prije zavrse ovu prodaju klubba i da se krene u pojacanja za sledecu sezonu. Inace gledati cemo,cirkus i propas njboljeg, najtrofejnijeg fudbalskok kluba..

  4. The Glazers should completely give up the full ownership of the team ,since they are no longer wanted by the supporters. Farewell to the Glazers

  5. The Glazers. Are an insult to United. The bloodsucking vampires should just disappear from the UK..Jim Ratcliff will not improve United only the Saudis can and will surely

  6. It’s really important for the future of the club that the glazers go they have milked the club dry and selling to Ratcliffe and them staying is the worst possible outcome Ratcliffe doesn’t have the cash to buy us so he’s going to have to borrow and who is he going to use as collateral the club heaping even more debt onto us and as a result of that there will be very little cash for the players we need resulting in us falling even further behind the likes of city and Newcastle plus if the sheikh doesn’t buy us and decided to go for another team we would end up with the likes of west ham praying for some sort of cup run for trophy’s and thinking that we have had a good season if we finish in the top half of the table

  7. Back glazers baturugire aha tiimu. Ineos group nabafeere. Tiimu baginyunyutsire munonga. Qatari group niyo erikubasa

  8. Please let the Glazer’s give a favor and give our club to Shiekh Jassim we don’t need them anymore and we only want full sale.

  9. Glazers should save their image and do the right thing for once by selling the club to the Qatari before fans start pouring their anger on them.

  10. The fan base is an important element of the Manutd set up. The Glazers are very unpopular amongstb the fans and they need to leave the club now.


  12. PLEASE LEAVE MY Man united PLEASE LEAVE Give us a chance to be GLORIOUS AGAIN #GlazersOut #QATAR IN

  13. #FULLTAKEOVER #GlazersOutGoneand4goten #QATAR IN the news is will b My favourite song

  14. previous owners were decent men, JP McManus and John Magnier. Fergie was the sole cause of them leaving over stud fees that he demanded for Rock of Gibraltar, a gift from these fine men. Glaziers bought Utd and club subsequently named stand after Ferguson, He sits alongside the Glaziers and is well looked after by the Glaziers. Fans should remind themselves of these facts

  15. The Glaziers would not be there only for Ferguson doing the dirt on John Magnier and JP McManus who gave him a gift of a race horse and Ferguson demanded the stud fees. Later Utd named a stand after this man and are now cribbing over the Glaziers. Who can be seen sitting next to the Glaziers. He and his family have been well looked after on the Glaziers so so.

  16. Glazers must understand what the fans need and never surrender the club again in hands of those who are just looking to come and impose more misseries on club and fans inlarge, we need a financial heavy weight to get man united and drive us and lift the club higher again, sheikh is the man

  17. I just need to understand why we, Manchester United supporters, think that the Glazers would act in the best interest of the club when we, the supporters, have been calling for them to leave. I see the sale of the club as an opportunity for them to have the last laugh by doing exactly the opposite of what would make us happy. One buyer wants an outright sale which takes the club out of debt and another wants a partial sale which not only leaves the club still in debt but also gives the unwanted Glazers a few more years with the club. And the Glazers a favouring the later of course. It’s ludicrous. I just wish there could be something we could do. I feel helpless. We are at the Glazers’ mercy.

  18. Please Sir Jim rackliffe with due respect base on your networth you are like a driver to the Qatar 🇶🇦 family, so please stay away from buying man utd and also remain the good fan to the team, let Qatar 🇶🇦 takeover the club.!!!

  19. If ratcliffe was a real man u fan .he would know the hatred for the yanks .never mind sweeteners to them.nothing for me would change at utd under ratcliffe .if the quatar bid fails .you after ask why .they could do everything at utd thats needed .just think reds fans if that bid failed .and the yanks go with ratcliffe .who would quataries go for .possible liverpool.they have hinted at selling .utd would just fallow further behind under ratcliffe

  20. Glazers have been a disgrace to man u. They should not be allowed to be in our club in any capacity.

  21. Glazers should better leave our club and collect the money 💰 and go far away from united

  22. Next season we will end up following live score we are not going 2 enter the studium if glazer still the owner of man utd.

  23. Oil money 💸💸 will see us big names like
    4.De Jong
    5.Kim Min Jar
    We will win every title in EPL and other external competitions

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