Mason Greenwood has face-to-face meeting with Man United

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Mason Greenwood has reportedly held face-to-face talks with Manchester United following criminal charges against him recently being dropped.

Greenwood, 21, was suspended by the club and dropped from sponsorship deals after Greater Manchester Police arrested him on suspicion of rape and assault last year.

However, following a lengthy criminal investigation, the Crown Prosecution Service opted against pressing charges after ‘key witnesses withdrew’.

Following the case’s outcome, the 21-year-old is deemed to have done nothing wrong and is now a free man – what that could mean for his playing career remains unknown though.

Although still on United’s books, Greenwood has yet to feature, or even train, since his charges were dropped.

However, according to a recent report from The Sun, the Englishman recently attended a face-to-face meeting with senior club officials as they look to establish the youngster’s version of events with a view to concluding their own internal investigation.

“Mason and his team met with the club to start the process of trying to get to the bottom of exactly what may or may not have happened,” a source told The Sun.

“It is an extremely sensitive situation and the club think it is only fair that Mason is given the opportunity to fully explain himself.

“The club are keen to hear his version of events. Only when they have the full picture, can they start to move things forward.”

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    1. Based on your beliefs you must have been devastated when United begged Ronaldo to return and paid him a Kings ransom to do so.
      BTW it’s simply amazing what one can do with tape.

    2. What, are you the judge? People who condemns others for a crime they might have committed or not are always worse than the person you’re condemning

    3. Jurist continue to hear whatever you want to hear at your corner. Greenwood is on his way back. You can do yourself good by terminating your life if you so wish.

    4. And what are you again? A saint Who has never made mistakes? People like are not even worthy to be alive because you stink of sins, of which you are forgiven, and now you’re standing in judgment over another man, over a sin you might have committed time and again.

      By the way, what do you think second chance means, and to whom do you think it is given? Second chance is not meant for saint or someone who has never made mistakes like ‘you’ but the bad and those who have made mistakes in order to re-integrate them back into the society. Now let me ask you, if Greenwood is your sibling would you have said the same thing?

  1. Give mason greenwords 2nd chance. He is still very young. He learned his lesson well. After all, her girlfriend is pregnant. He will be mature by this incident.

  2. Give Mason Greenwood second chance. He will be a better person than before and he will work to the best level for the success of the team and a community as whole 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Please enough is enough , he has learnt a lesson , we still need his gift of football to be exposed into the club. He was a good footballer, and atleast we have to remember for the good times he had with the club

  4. Give him another chance. He is so young. He attained fame and riches at a very tender age. It went to his head. But he has suffered for his actions. Let the lad in. He will be very good. He is becoming a dad. So he will be more responsible.

  5. It’s just a trial from GOD. No one GOD can’t test through trials,suffering. I think MASON still had a lot to offer, just give a chance.

  6. Dragging this issue further means that we don’t have faith in the CPS.
    Please Mason should be spared of further trauma and be helped to bounce back.

  7. Mason deserves a chance. No human is perfect and those critizing should look in the mirror and see if they are perfect. A young talent like Mason should succeed in playing football. He will be a better man after all these scandals. Together with Mason greenwood

    1. Yes he should come back and play for man u anyone who does not want him again in man u is not a good supporter to the club i even heard that some of our club players did not want him back they are simply jealous of him. It is only Chelsea funs would not want him. So if you don’t want him you are also an enemy of progress. thank

  8. Mason should be given a chance to return to football, he has suffered psychologically and it’s a good lesson to him.
    I believe he is going to be a very good player for man utd, after all the key witness withdrew and we don’t know she did so, may they were false accusations.
    Good luck Mason 💪.

  9. Mason Greenwood should be allowed to play for Man utd since all the charges has been dropped meaning he was not found guilty of the accusation of rape.

  10. Let mason come back to the club because he is needed not only but innocent too, leave hatred apart and think about what’s necessary for a youth like mason you never know they planning to fail his career. Am team justice from uganda.

  11. if god forgive then its good to forgive him his still young pliz everybody makes mistakes n mistakes is a mistakes when you do it second time plizforgive n forget….

  12. Mason greenwood should be given an opportunity once again to regain his career. He is a good guy and he can produce the best results too

  13. No one is clean. Let him be given a second chance and prove himself to the community…I believe he has much more to offer to the club, community and his family in general.

  14. This young lad is a very good player. He is fast n quick with the ball. He should given a 2nd chance. I love to see him with Manutd jersey

    He is going to be a father and united with his girlfriend.
    He will be mature enough and United need him.

  16. An excellent player like Mason Greenwood a 2nd chance. He had scored on many occations for man utd. He can support Rashford in attacking when he come back. I hope i will see him in Man Utd next sesson kits playing.

  17. Mason should be given a chance since he has been proved not guilty. He is still young and will definitely might have learnt from his mistake. He is a good player and we need a player like him.

  18. The club board had announcemd, after the player meeting today he will be avaliable the next week and train with the first team as confirmed by the board. But would not play this season until pre sesson.

  19. I don’t think this mason has any case to answer because the lady is now carrying his baby .. what happened is a piece of misunderstanding between them

  20. Masson Pls should be given a chance to return to Man United since the name man u is to unite

  21. Actually it’s us as the club that a loosing ,he would have scored for us goals by the time he gave back,so he should be granted the second chance ,do that he starts his scoring race,then u shall see the M.United on fire

  22. Any body without sin let him through the first stone on green (quoted from jesus christ the wise teacher

  23. Masson Greenwood deserve all the support from faithtfull united fans and the staff, give a chance and watch him become a better person in and off the pitch

  24. Give him a chance to play in United again let the club no go do mistake
    Because he is a wonderful player please

  25. You’re all judging the kid before the investigation has even taken place. Save your comments for after the final decision is announced.

  26. Manson should be given another chance. He is a yioung talented player. The partnership of Rashford and Greenwood will bring back the memories of Andy cole and Dwight York.

  27. Why are all these proceedings taking so long!!
    Please Man Utd, just get this young talented guy back on the field. Everything is last now.

  28. Let Mason come back to the club…Allow him cause all this not his fault…there no one that big pass challenges…I know him also have learnt his lesson now…so bring him back to the club

  29. Please lets give him another chance, He remain our son no matter what, No one will trow his child away because of a mistake,
    To discharge him is not the best idea because he is still existing on earth not in Another plat, since he is still on earth.

  30. Everyone deserves a second chance. He has not been proven guilty. You can’t tell everything from a video. It now depends on how he behaves from now on.

  31. United alone means alot. Why not give him the chance to play. He’s still young boy and skillful he know where the net is.

  32. He needs a second chance and I believe that Man united will give him that. If the criminal investigation has proven him Innocent by dropping the charges against him and his girlfriend who brought the charges found it safe to be pregnant for him, it will be unfair if Manchester United still don’t call him back.

  33. Just like people have been saying he really deserve second chance I think this is the first time he made this mistake so let’s give him a second chance, second chance in life is really needed for you to learn.

  34. Green wood is a good player but it’s only that Satan want to destroy him. He should come back and work hard to help the team success.

  35. I’m not sure of the aligation and even the court is not sure, just let greenwood come back

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